Felted poppy with flexible petals | Wet felting tutorial (Eng. version)

мак на каркасе валяние из шерстиHere I try to describe the process how to felt poppy flower. I apologize in advance for my English because it’s not my mother tongue. But i hope you’ll undastand most of all from the pictures. Russian version you can find here. This felted poppy you can use like a brooche or pin on a hat. Before you start making flower you need to have basic skills of wet felting. This tutorial will help you to felt flower on wire with flexible petals.

You need following materials:

  • wool roving (red, black, green, brown);
  • thin wire;
  • felting needles;
  • sewing thread (red, black);
  • semolina or something like that;
  • white glue (PVA glue);
  • brooch back pin;
  • all purpose glue or hot glue;
  • soap, hot water;
  • bubble wrap;
  • tulle fabric or nylon mesh;
  • rolling-pin;
  • scissors.

1.  Pull off the tuft of red wool, twist it on one side, and fluff up on another. So we need 7 «feethers» like these.  These are the «frames» of our petals.

Pull off short and thin tufts of red wool and feel the emty space between fibers. Another thin layer of wool we need to put athwart. All gaps must be covered with wool. We need 4 big petals and 3 smaller size. Put a tuft of black wool closer to the bottom of the petal. 2. When all 7 petals are done cover it with nylon mesh and spray with hot soapy water. Start to roll petals using rolling-pin about 3-4 minutes. It helps not to shift fibers and saves the shape of petals. At the beginning roll not too fast and put pressure on rolling-pin not too much. Then you can increase the pressure and speed.   After about 5 minutes take off the mesh. Turn over the petals on another side. Take a wire, bend it  into a loop and twist tails together. The loops must be a little bit smaller than petals. Put the wire loop on a petal and bend the edges of petal on a wire strictly 90 ° .   Smooth out wrinkles if they appear.   Do the same with other petals. Cover the petals with mesh again and roll. If the soapsuds are not enougth, add hot soapy water or rub the mesh and petals with peace of soap. Take off the mesh and continue to felt with hands. To find out whether the petals are done, pinch petals, the fibers must not pull out.

3. Wash felted petals carefully in hot water, put on a towel and cover petals with another tail of towel and squeeze excess water, not  twist, just press. Get out the petals and leave them to dry. 4. At this step when petal are dry take needle for felting and hide stikcing fibers inside the petal. Bend the petals for natural shape.

4. Now we need to do stamens. Take black thread and reel up on a big finger about 25 times (turns) and cut. Repeate it 7 times. Unreel thread and squeeze out a drop of white glue on a finger and spread it over the thred, remove excess of glue from thread. We do this for our stamens keep in shape.

5. Let thread dry and after that make brushes from it. For that you need to reel up thread again and tie up on the one side. Take 2 small plates, squeeze out a drop of white glue on the one plate and fill the other plate with semolina. Dip brush in the glue and after in the semolina.

6. For making seedpod we need green and dark brown wool and felting needles. Pull off  green wool and reel up on a finger. After that pull off from a finger and felt using felting needle.
Pull off thin tuft of dark brown wool and tightly twist it. Attach it to the seedpod felted before with feltind needle. So we need to do the same for 4 times.

7. String our stamens to the wire around seedpod and twist tails of wire together. Join around our petals. When all parts of poppy joined together twist all wire tails and cut unnecessary part. Attach brooch pin using hot glue.

The flower brooch is done!

мак на каркасе валяние из шерсти

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